Countering A Media Scam

I’m not going to do a whole lot of writing in this article; the information you need is in the attached video, and I urge you to watch it and help spread the word about how we can reclaim the artificial narrative being propagated by an acolyte of the Koch Brothers and James O’Keefe encouraging and normalizing bigotry in this country.

Here are the salient points for those of you who don’t have video:

First:  the Memories Pizza controversy and it’s associated fundraiser are a scam.  There’s no way to determine for sure how pre-meditated and pre-arranged this was between the principles, but the owners of Memories *sought out* media attention in the hopes of deliberately provoking controversy and backlash and then using that to rally bigots to a fundraiser.  So far they’ve succeeded to the tune of about $750K and counting.  Manny Schewitz has written an excellent article going into more details, working in part from Chad A. Bryant’s work linked below.

Second:  in a counter-programming move to the fundraiser, a man in Indiana created a fundraiser benefitting IndianaYouthGroup.Org, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit that’s been providing services and safe space to Indiana’s LGBTQ youth for a quarter-century.  Please contribute what you can if you can, and please share it everywhere you can even if you can’t contribute yourself.  If a few thousand bigots can get together to send their heroes on what will soon be a million-dollar vacation, surely the progressive and LGBTQ communities in this country can raise double or triple that much to help those most victimized and marginalized by the ugly, hateful narrative that is being propagated by people like the Kochs, O’Keefe, Beck, Jones, and the O’Connors.  We can do this.  We can change this story into a huge positive statement in favor of human dignity, civility, and compassion.

Third:  The organizer of the Memories fundraiser, Lawrence Billy Jones III, is not some fresh-faced young fellow just out of college trying to do his civic duty by helping some poor defenseless bigots weather the storm of liberal assault against their religious rights.  He’s a well-trained, well-connected, and experienced professional political agitator.  My friend, associate director, and research ninja Chad A, Bryant has the details about that over at his blog.  Read it. (Edit:  Chad’s server has had a nervous breakdown due to the traffic spike generated by this story.  He has been kind enough to mirror it at another site – which, full disclosure, I own – People’s News Network.  You can read it here.)

Fourth:  Make this viral.  Please, please, please, nothing I have ever produced is more in need or more deserving of the broadest possible attention.  This is a huge story; a legitimate smoking gun pointing to the crass manipulation of mass media by political agitators attempting to construct and propagate a false narrative about American culture for the sake of discouraging and marginalizing liberal and progressive voices both through constructing a deceitful and manipulative alternate reality in which Americans mostly don’t like gay people and want them to go away, and through “proving” that liberals and progressives are thugs and bullies trying to strip the rights away from Good Hard-Working American Christians.  This is absolute nonsense, and it’s time to push back against it, hard.  This situation provides both an excellent rallying point and a great opportunity to soundly and very publicly reject these lies and the ongoing attempt by the Powers That Be to keep us divided, angry at each other, and arguing over side-issues so we aren’t paying attention while they relentlessly exploit the people and the natural resources of this planet for their own avaricious enrichment.

Fifth:  Counter the narrative and reverse it.  Every time you see someone yammering about the “religious right” to be a bigoted jerk, start talking about the effects of that bigotry.  Talk about the LGBTQ kids who get kicked out of their homes, who end up living on the streets, dropping out of school, turning to prostitution for money, drugs for anaesthesia against the pain inflicted by these attempts to normalize hate, and suicide to escape the cruelties and marginalization heaped on them by the people pushing this “religious liberty” and “freedom of speech” narrative, a narrative which is patently ludicrous, false, and an obnoxious insult to the very concept of free expression.

Thanks for reading, thanks for watching, thanks for sharing.

Edit 2015-04-04 12:15:34 PM:  As expected, the apologists and nitpickers who want to divert this conversation away from the dark impact of the values they advocate have arrived with their distractions and attempts to paint those of us questioning and exposing this scam as the real evildoers.  In response to one of them, I did a little more research.  The question:  what will be the impact of the values promoted by the O’Connors, Beck, the Kochs, O’Keefe, and Jones over the two weeks or so that it will take this story to fade from public view and the O’Connors to walk away a little less than a million dollars richer?

Fortunately, we can make a reasonable guess at this because the state of Indiana has the relevant information publicly available.  In this report from the Indiana Youth Institute, we find that in 2011, about 10.9% of Indiana high school students “attempted suicide in the past year.”  This report also notes that LGBTQ students are four times as likely to attempt suicide than their straight, cis-gendered peers.  Using the classic 10% estimate from various sexuality surveys over the years, it’s reasonable to estimate that 40% of suicide attempts by Indiana high school students involve LBGT students.  How many is that?

The Indiana Department of Education makes enrollment numbers available to the public (NB:  Excel Spreadsheets – “Corporation Enrollment by Grade Level,” which contains statistics for privately owned schools including charters etc., and “School Enrollment by Grade Level,” which includes the public school enrollment statistics).  The total number of high school students – 9th through 12th grades – in Indiana last year was 618,810.  10.9% of that is 67,450.  40% of that is 26,980.  That’s a reasonable estimate of how many LGBT high school students in Indiana attempt suicide every year.  Divide by 52, you get 519.

Therefore, in the next two weeks, two weeks in which the poor victimized O’Connors will be enjoying their $850,000 bonus and a vacation from work, it is reasonable to estimate that 1,038 LGBT high school students will try to end their lives as a direct result of the marginalization, ostracizing, bullying, rejection, and hate promoted by this fake, ugly, evil, and logically invalid attempt to normalize and rationalize anti-gay bigotry.

This appears to be perfectly okay for some people, who are more interested in the O’Connor’s “right” to participate in and propagate that bigotry under the false auspices of faith in an omnibenevolent deity than in the attempted suicide of thirty THOUSAND kids every year in Indiana – to say nothing of the adults – as a direct result of that bigotry.

It’s time to change this conversation, and canned scripts devoted to diversion, distraction, and attempts to redirect the narrative so that we’re talking about how “intolerant” liberals and homosexuals are because we speak out against bigotry and refuse to quietly allow it to flourish are very just another cog in the machine of bigotry that creates these suicide attempts and tries to normalize hate and ignorance while painting those who seek to advance values of love, compassion, and human dignity as evil and manipulative.

Don’t fall for it.  The deaths and attempted deaths of those kids is on the hands of everybody who defends and promotes this false narrative, and they will stop at nothing to avoid admitting it.


  • The Indiana Memories Pizza Fundraiser Is A Conservative Media Scam

    The Go Fund me site was set up by an employee of the Blaze (a conservative propaganda website (Glen Beck). The employee who set up the site is also a close associate of James O’Keefe from Project Veritas, (which is anything but truthful) who is a lying and fraudulent RW “investigator” / operator who’s as been caught in lie after lie as well as edited videos to distort the truth.

    Read more at:

  • I bet they do not give a dime to a food bank . I guess it paid them to be bigots . Sad

  • Over $750,000 has been raised already?
    For bigoted assholes, from bigoted assholes.
    The thing is, none of that money was ever going to do anything GOOD – like be donated to those who most needed it (say, a food bank, or homeless shelter, or abused women’s shelter). BUT, these bigots claim their religion makes them “right”.

  • It’s income tax it and set up a retirement plan for employees

  • I thought their announcement was suspicious from the beginning, and then when I heard about the fundraiser…

  • Informative

  • Nice job John

  • If people who fake cancer go to prison for soliciting funds, will those who perpetrated this scam be named, arrested and imprisoned?

  • It may have been a scam or a plot or something else, but it just goes to show how easily people give up their money if they believe it has something to do with religion. Look at the mega churches and how much money they pull in. Now after the owners get all the money from the gofundme do you think they are going to do the christian thing and donate it all to charity or help the needy and homeless? Hell no. Just watch and see how quickly they blow through the money.

  • Over $842k raised now.

  • Suckers. I hope their base is crying salty, salty tears at being such chumps.

  • Melissa

  • Please help donate to LBGTQ youth in Indiana! Their go fund me page is almost to $10,000! Let’s fight this by changing our attention to something worth it!

  • THANK YOU John Henry!! 🙂 <3

  • Excellent post – I’m inspired to make a donation but what do you know about the organizer of the gofundme campaign? There’s a “donate” button on the IYG website and I’m inclined to use that to make a direct donation. Your thoughts?

    • I don’t know Jon personally, we corresponded just briefly, but I do know that it was the ED at IYG who pointed me to him, and the payments from the fundraiser are going directly to them, not passing through his “hands” at all.

    • My first thought is “either way, as long as IYG gets some help.”

      My second is that it was the Executive Director of IYG who pointed me toward Jon’s fundraiser, when I contacted them planning on starting one up myself. She said there already was one, pointed me here, and made the point, which I totally agreed with, that it would be better (and, I noted myself, more effective from a PR standpoint) to push everything through a single existing fundraiser rather than having a bunch of them out there.

  • creeps. Period.

  • Heather Kimbrough

    The link to the other webpage that you mention for Chad A, Bryant is broken. 🙁 I’d love to follow the link and read up if you could fix it please.

    • Thanks, Heather. Like a fool, I made sure everyone else knew about this, and forgot to change *my own* article – Chad’s site is just a small personal blog that had a nervous breakdown when it got nailed by the traffic from this story. He has mirrored his article at a site I own and operate that’s been idle for the last few months, People’s News Network. As soon as I finish typing this comment, I’m going to edit this article and add the new link into the story above.

      • Heather Kimbrough

        ok. thanks. 😉

  • Good going conservatives.

  • nightstalker22

    Well said

  • Frank C-man


    You are incorrect in your claim that Crystal O’Connor contacted the news station, ABC57 in South Bend. Alyssa Marino, the cub reporter who interviewed her was asked specifically about that, and here are her responses, still up on her Twitter feed:

    ABC57 Alyssa Marino

    I just walked into their shop and asked how they feel. They’ve never been asked to cater a same-sex wedding.

    No, I don’t think anyone was really aware the attention this would get at the time of the interview. They just spoke their mind

    Did you miss this, reject it, or do you theorize that the reporter is in on the scam?

    Also, will you be reporting this to GoFundMe? Or any authorities in Indiana that investigate fraud.
    There is a link on the GoFundMe page to report fraudulent activity.

    • No, but I know how news works. Of all the pizza shops, they just happened to walk into that one, 25 miles away from their station out in the middle of nowhere, to ask about this particular question?

      Not bloody likely. That doesn’t require that the reporter be “in on” anything, nor anyone else at the originating station for that matter. That would be like me working for the local station in my home town of Kalamazoo and just randomly driving to Bangor or Hastings to randomly question a local store owner about a major political issue. It just doesn’t make sense, doesn’t hold up to even cursory logical scrutiny. In spite of the image they like to portray, the news business doesn’t just drive around all day looking for random people to interview about randomly-selected subjects. If they were doing a story about local business reaction to the RFRA, they’d have interviewed multiple businesses in South Bend, Mishawaka, and Elkhart – all closer to their station, all more relevant to a larger segment of their audience.

      There’s no credible reason for a news crew from South Bend to randomly select a small, struggling pizza joint twenty-five miles out of town for this story.

      • Joe T.

        Apparently they picked a town and the reporter walked the street popping into businesses and asking questions.

        If no one at the station is lying or otherwise “in on it”, how do you credibly assert that the Memories Pizza owners initiated the whole affair when the station itself asserts otherwise?

      • Tralbry

        There’s EVERY credible reason for news orgs to do that. They’re trolling for conservatives to show that the law is emboldening them. Don’t be naive. Or disingenuous if that’s what it is. The reporter STATES that they walked in unprompted and you just try to gloss past that? No, that’s exactly why they went that far out – to find a more conservative area and specifically a pizza place loaded with crosses and other Christian symbols. That’s no accident. THAT is how the media works.

        You on the other hand presented NO EVIDENCE for your claims that the O’Connors arranged all this.

  • Thank you for this…

  • As I listened to this video, I was reminded of the work Daniel Becton did to spread love in our country…If the seeds of his work have taken root, love should help conquer this awful hatred.

  • Juan Pablo

    Hey look! A truther for a fundraiser.

    I bet you peddle the “holohoax” theory as well?

    How’s that tin foil hat fit?

    Is it also bush’s fault?

    • Perhaps it makes you happy to continue perpetuating a narrative of hate and aggression that breaks families and causes teenagers to kill themselves. It doesn’t make me happy, and I won’t stand by and watch it happen without challenging it.

      Your ad absurdum fallacy is DENIED. Move along.

      • Dennis

        Accusing this woman and people who set up a fund to help her as crooks without a shred of evidence in order to raise money for another cause is a dishonest way to do it. I understand fighting fire with fire, if that is your intention, but you’ve made very specious claims in order to achieve a goal of raising money under the guise of it being a worthy cause.

        Does IndianaYouthGroup.Org approve of your methodology? And have they signed off on it?

        • This has nothing to do with “fighting fire with fire.” That just makes everything burn. This is about inverting the narrative; focusing on how to help the people who are marginalized by the “values” and broken logic promoted and endorsed by the O’Connors, Beck, the Kochs, O’Keefe, and Jones.

          Please do try to focus, and please do give up on trying to force the narrative back to anything BUT the horrible impact of the “logic” used to justify the O’Connors and their fundraiser on the LGBT population.

          I ran the math in another comment; in the two weeks it’ll take this story to flame out and the O’Connors to sail off into the sunset with their 850K, over a thousand LGBT teens in Indiana will attempt suicide. Your petty attempts to normalize and rationalize bigotry are the reason for that. If you can live with yourself in light of that, you go right ahead. I, however, am sane, and I won’t live with it.

          • Dennis

            That math cannot possibly be correct, and assigning a complex problem to any one factor is well above your pay grade, and that goes even further outside your expertise assigning it to a random comment questioning your tactics and specious claims about a railroading incident by a news station and a hypothetical answer to a bizarre question. No teen is going to attempt suicide because of what I think about you, so please cut the sanctimony, especially since you despise people who hide behind their religion.

            I don’t agree with denying service to gays, not as patrons to a restaurant and not for same sex marriages. I feel that if that woman had actually been asked to cater a gay wedding and had balked, and then had ben threatened to be sued, that after consulting a lawyer, would indeed deliver pizzas to the event. She’s just never been asked to. She’s never faced the consequences. You won’t grant her that quarter, but you probably did with Barack Obama, and as far as you know, she’s only a couple years behind him in her evolutionary process.

          • Ad hominem. So you say the math is incorrect. First, correct it. Second, tell me how many suicide attempts by LGBTQ teenagers are acceptable to you, since you seem to be implying that there’s a level of dead kids that is perfectly all right as a result of the propagation of hate and the marginalization of LGBTQ individuals in the name of “freedom.”

          • Dennis

            You’re the one who said he had math.

            I just looked at an 80 page pdf on Indiana youth and teen suicide, and it is high, but in no way did it represent the figures you quote.

            No one is going to commit suicide because I’m telling you that your gay wedding pizza catering trutherism is based on something you dreamt last night.

          • Mr. Anonymous Troll, I don’t make up numbers. I’ve linked to my sources. If you have a different calculation, present it…and then explain what makes your numbers any more acceptable as a reality than mine.

            How many suicides are an acceptable cost to you for the “right” to be a bigot?

          • Dennis

            How is it bigotry to call bullshit on your specious claims that your ‘pizza store hypothetical = Koch Brothers scam = teen suicide’ theories are in fact true?

            I’d like some evidence other than your conveniently somehow connecting this guy to a bunch of other people and then listing what those people have done in their lives. You wouldn’t want to be judged that way, and thank God our court system doesn’t work that way, but it’s exactly the opposite of the ideals you think you’re promoting.

          • The narrative you are supporting is bigotry.

            The evidence of Jones’ connections to the Kochs, O’Keefe, and Beck are covered in the linked material.

            Your refusal to read it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

            Why are you trying to defend a narrative that is killing people?

          • Dennis

            I’ m not supporting any narrative. I’m asking you to show some semblance of credibility to your accusations of fraud. Is that too much to ask? Or are you not used to that from the folks who follow your blog?

          • You are supporting a narrative, and you know it. And there’s plenty of supporting documentation here. Believe me, I’m well-versed in the “pretend you don’t see the evidence and keep demanding it, and people will believe it isn’t there” routine.

            You *do* realize that communication is my field of study, right? You’re not going to turn this around and make it about me. It’s about a deliberately constructed, dishonest, and manipulative media narrative intended to normalize and rationalize hate and bigotry.

            That hate and bigotry kills people.

            You can keep supporting that all you want to while you hide behind your fake name and two day old account, as though those aren’t dead giveaways that you’re a paid shill working from a script.

            If you have nothing further to add other than repeating the same canned talking points and logical fallacies, you can go ahead and just leave now.

  • J Fan

    ” Chad A, Bryant has the details about that”
    This link doesn’t work.

    • The mirror link is in the parenthetical comment after that sentence.

  • polliwogg

    I’d be willing to bet that the pizza place was hemorrhaging red ink when this happened. They saw an opportunity to cash in and took it. Karma, though, has a way of biting you in the ass when you least expect it.

    • Dennis

      The truth is, you wouldn’t be willing to bet on that scenario at all.

      For that to be true, and for John’s truther conspiracy theory to be true, the reporter would have to be in on the gig. Both are illegal. And a felony. Yet I doubt if either of you would go so far as to email the fund to ask if they could check on it being a scam. You’re merely drumming up a vague accusation in order to raise money for your own cause. Which is highly unethical.

      • It’s cute how fast the machine can write a script. Your logic is broken, your assertions are nonsense, there’s nothing about this that requires the original local reporter to be in on anything, there’s nothing illegal about arranging an interview, and GFM didn’t respond to my e-mails.

        Your attempts to turn this around and make it all about those of us who are trying to promote reason, civility, and love are really sad.

        Meanwhile, statistically speaking, about ten LGBT teenagers in Indiana have tried to kill themselves as a direct result of the values you’re promoting. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

        • Dennis

          Link, please.

          • Links to the information used to calculate the attempted suicide rate of LGBT teens in Indiana are in the addendum to the post, above.

          • Dennis

            You would flunk statistics class, John. 101 level. Also Psych and Soc 101. You make leaps over oceans of logic to blame a woman at a pizzeria hypothecating about catering a gay wedding for the reason why 1,000 Hoosier teens are going to attempt suicide in the next two weeks. I’m actually surprised you didn’t ‘reasonably assume’ that her one response would double that number in the next two weeks.

            I somehow don’t think teen LGBTQ’s will be telling their psychologists or counselors that pizzas at gay weddings was driving them to the brink of suicide, but somehow that’s the second bizarre claim you’re making with this nonsense.

          • Interestingly, I passed my Stats class.

            If you have a better calculation method, present it with your numbers and then explain why (519-x) dead kids per week is more acceptable than 519.

          • Dennis

            None are acceptable. All are regrettable. I wouldn’t blame you for perpetuating the Left’s necessary narrative that Michael Brown was shot in the back with his hands up while surrendering that ended up getting several cops murdered in cold blood. It’s craziness.

          • That’s not “the left’s narrative,” and I’m tired of you lying and acting like a dick. This is my property; you’ll conduct yourself honorably or you’ll leave. I’ve been patient enough.

          • Serene Voice

            Red herring much Dennis? John doesn’t fall for stinky fish distractions. Go try them on another site that is all about countering bigotry and hatred. Maybe there people will be ignorant of such obvious logic fallacies and you might make some headway. Really. Won’t work here, Dude.

          • Dennis

            The evedence here is like in the video. It consists of the ubiquitous “Well, that’s bullshit.”

      • Rosa Winkel

        Are you really attempting to distract from the subject at hand while ignoring the documented truth regarding the individual who set this fundraiser up for the O’Connors?

        • Dennis

          What documented truth? The two individuals both involved in setting it up were up front about it.

          Any truther conspiracy theory can make any connections, that’s not hard to do.

          There’s nothing to his allegations at all. All he has to do is connect to Koch Brothers and he can raise money.

          • Rosa Winkel

            So you are trying to distract from the actual issue with dishonest rhetoric. Good to know.

          • I have no direct involvement in the IYG fundraiser. Nothing about this is related to “raising money” for me. Nice try though.

  • Jerry

    Hey John,

    Check out the Florida Bakery/Joshua Feuerstein story. Plenty of reference material there if anyone is to question your connecting LGBTQ suicide to the atmosphere Fundamentalist Christians create everywhere they carry their message. The bakery was inundated with attack message, many of which told the bakers to “just kill themselves” for being immoral and going against god. It’s basically their default message. They do it all the time.

    Just a thought, and wanted to help contribute to your message.

    Thank you for what you do. Best wishes.

  • Seems like you are might bigoted yourself and making quite a few assumptions not based on fact.

    Do expect some negative SEO.

    • Seems like you can’t read and are perfectly okay with people dying for the sake of your warped and dishonest arguments about religious freedom.

      You can also stop trying to intimidate me into silence with threats to damage my website’s reputation.

      • No threat intended, simple statement. Somewhat like one of you bigots threatening to burn down Memories Pizza for say that they would not cater to a gay wedding when they do not cater at all. Your article lacks facts and is strong on innuendo.

        XRummer is a nice tool isn’t it?

        Your claims of people dying? How foolish you are to think that it is not the destiny of all humans to die.

        Then it is completely amusing that you focus on the Indiana law when twenty other states, and the federal government have substantially similar laws.

      • Lying, threatening spammer troll deleted.

        • In short, you do not want the truth shown; you only want your bias to be seen.

          • Yes, I want my bias toward civility, reason, compassion, human dignity, and progress to be seen. Evil me. Now get lost.

          • Why certainly. However, you have no compassion, though you think otherwise.

    • beil

      You seem severely misinformed. This has had scam written all over it since it first became a media firestorm.

    • Dear Centurytel/Qwest Network Abuser:

      You might have bothered figuring out when you were digging through fifteen year old Usenet posts to send abusive messages to random contact forms and discussion threads pretending to be me, that I’ve been playing the “guess which network the dipshit troll is abusing” game for a long, long time.

      Resetting your modem to pull another IP address from the DHCP server doesn’t do a damn thing to hide your identity, bud. Leave the hacking to people who know what the hell they’re doing.

  • cf

    We should all encourage the owners of Memories Pizza to show their Christian love by donating their 3/4 million dollar windfall to food banks and homeless shelters.

    • kimhusseinbrunelle

      Wouldn’t that be great? Sadly, I’m probably not the only one who harbors doubts about that happening.

  • kimhusseinbrunelle

    Excellent piece John. This was so obviously a grift of epic proportions from the moment it hit the airwaves; thanks for tying up the loose ends that many of us were pretty sure we could see dangling from the edges of this carpet of hate. Sharing it wherever I can.

  • Tralbry

    JH makes some claims about the O’Connor’s planning this that he can’t substantiate and then goes into a lot of irrelevant tangents about Beck, the Kochs, O’Keefe and so on. Because dragging Beck et al in is red meat for liberals, this video is basically a pitch for money just like the one for Memories Pizza. I genuinely hope IndianaYouthGroup is a more genuine cause and not just this guy taking advantage of the hysteria around a gofundme for a minor pizza parlor. Since IndianaYouthGroup is not specifically a gay cause (yes gay youth are at risk as any others are) that makes this piggybacking off the pizza issue all that more suspicious.

    Bottom line, this video is junk and the associated Chad Bryant article is too, with notable inaccuracies. I trust neither. Do not equate that with me trusting the O’Connors. They are at the very least fools but if you think there aren’t 29K angry conservatives out there with enough self-motivation and money to pitch in $800k then you haven’t seen many right-wing blogs. They’re nuts.

    By all means support legit youth programs and also gay rights groups in Indiana and beyond but to obsess about the O’Connors and “controlling the narrative” there as the epicenter of homophobia is absurd. You have a governor in Pence who is a much greater danger, Get rid of him. Fund HIS opponents. And yes, the Kochs and their various minions like Beck and O’Keefe are worth exposing with genuine journalism, that’s not what happened here. They’re just being used as buzzwords to manipulate in much the same way some Christians use the word “rights” to disguise their bigotry.

  • Clearly Obama isn’t taxing them enough..

  • Four Chins

    @JohnRiversToo: .@RadioFreeTom @mashable @instapundit
    What I learned from the SJWs:
    Hate works.
    Lies work.
    Hate-filled lies work best.

  • Kelly P.

    You are a pedophile. Cannot believe you have gotten away with it for this long! Why don’t you speak to that?

  • Four Chins

    Hot New Liberal Theory: We are so predictable you can play us like a fine Stradivarius and we will weep for being such idiots.

  • I don’t know who you are, or what you’re writing about, but could you stop trying to leave spam on my website? It’s a bit ridiculous to have to sort through 400-500 comments in my spam folder all from the same source.

    • I’m not leaving spam anywhere. Some loser who didn’t like this article is running a spambot with my name on it, precisely to provoke this kind of response. Check the headers, it’ll track back to Centurylink/Qwest – not my ISP. Compile a few examples, get a rough message count, and sent it to If you’d like you can reference case ID [AB-C37161184B]. My apologies for the disruption. NB: This bot attacks insecure forum and e-mail forms by breaking CAPTCHA authentication. You might consider taking a look at your contact form and try a different turing test. Good luck.

      • If that is indeed the case, thank you for telling me how to put a stop to it.

        • Oh, it is. If you scroll down the comments you’ll see one from “Devil_N_Me” making the threat, although – a mistake, in hindsight – I deleted the comment where he mentioned that specific tool.

          What he didn’t realize is that many of the forms he’s filling out are sending confirmations to me…with his IP address in them.

    • PS: This is the tool the abusive user threatened me with. You would do well to examine this information and see how it applies to your contact form configuration.