Firing Back Up

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Firing Back Up

After a long period of basically ignoring my websites, I’m going to get this one rolling again and get some content back on it.  We’ll start with an quick embed of a YouTube video that my longtime readers will be familiar with, “The Ultimate Insult,” as curated by Guy Macon, read by yours truly.

More content will be coming soon.  The general plan for the site is to (finally) get a single point of reference together that contains all of my creative work.  Note:  I’m not going to go back to posting political content.  Too many employers go digging through that kind of content and – regardless of legality – make judgments based on that, so it’s just not worth it.  Similarly, that kind of content attracts trolls and harassment that has included contacting employers in the past (in spite of a broad range of disclaimers and the reality that it’s never impacted my job with a single exception in the 1990’s), and again:  just not worth it.

Thanks for your patience.  You can look forward to video and audio content, images and photos, and eventually links to my published work once I start getting books on Amazon.


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