Antifa Does Not Exist, And Shouldn’t

Except it isn’t an “antifa symbol,” because there’s no such thing as “Antifa.”

Yes, there are plenty of pages and websites claiming to be part of some “Antifa movement.”

You see it in the news, even mainstream news.

You’ll even see it on some government websites, like the one I took the symbol at left from. (In the US, intellectual property created by a government employee for government use is public domain, automatically.)

But the reality is that “antifa” doesn’t exist, and I’m going to explain why.

You Must Be Crazy, Antifa’s Right There!

First let’s talk about the facebook pages and websites.  These pages, by necessity, fall into one of two categories: pure nonsense motivated by a desire to deceive, and pure nonsense motivated by being deceived.

Don’t assume everyone behind an “Antifa” page, group, or other declared public identity is evil; they may merely be stupid but well-intended people who bought in to the evil.

Hard words. Let me support them with reason.

By Any Other Name

“Antifa” is a label probably but not provably constructed by fascist linguists and semanticists for the deliberate purpose of normalizing fascism in public discourse.  The reason the word exists is to create this “anti-fascist” idea, this idea that there’s an organized opposition to fascism and that opposition is rightly called “anti-fascism.”

This is a brain-hack, a head trick. See, opposition coalesces against established norms. The opposition to fascism is, of course, sanity and decency and everything that human beings aspire to be.

Giving it the label “anti-fascism” validates fascism as a human endeavor, it says “this is a norm, a human value, a thing we are and we consider part of the normal course of business, and those opposed to it are a reactionary group of aggressors.”