Antifa Does Not Exist, And Shouldn’t

Pictured:  Not Antifa

In reality, of course, anti-fascism is the norm, and fascism the deviation from that norm.

When you frame this norm as “anti-fascism,” our brains immediately start making associations. Extremists, anarchists…in stark defiance of all sanity, people even equate white supremacy and fascism with “AntiFa.”

Yet even official state government web pages and reports continue to push this association, almost to the point of being laughable until you remember what’s happening under the surface…because make no mistake, you’re being bell-trained to hate opposing fascism, and it’s your government who’s training you.

Authoritarians use this mechanism to justify their abuses of power. You can’t attack people who are protesting against fascism with tear gas – that just validates the whole protest by engaging in fascism or fascist-like behavior.

You can’t attack Americans protesting against fascism with tear gas and riot police…but you can sure attack “antifa,” and you can build them up in the media and make them into a threat that people are afraid of and want to see hurt.

Why It Matters

This is fascism promoting fascism by pretending opposition to fascism is wrong and bad.

We’re falling for it, and the mainstream media (and naturally fascists in the media) have continued to push and normalize this word.

Every time the professional press publishes a story about some “antifa”-related event, the derp-chewers fall out of the trees going on about how cool it is that “antifa got beat down” and braying loudly and proudly about how they oppose “antifa.”

Again, watch that stack of negatives and you’ll start understanding why this is so important. Most of these people aren’t stormtroopers and marching Klansmen. They think they’re being patriotic and standing up for Truth, Justice, And The American Way.

In spite of what they think, the reality is that they oppose being against fascism, and they brag about it out loud in public. They expect to be greeted as heroes and patriots.