Antifa Does Not Exist, And Shouldn’t

Then there are the ones who know what they’re doing, who deliberately engage in behavior like this to discredit and add negative emotional valence to the label “antifa.”

Why Would Anyone Do That?

They do that because they think they can get away with it. As long as we keep falling for these cheap tricks, they’re right. When pro writers use “antifa” as though it’s an actual thing – and it isn’t, there was no organization or movement that declared itself to have that name before it started appearing in the media – they validate this behavior and engender opposition to opposition to (sic) fascism, and thereby they endorse and condone fascism, whether that’s their intent or not.

Because now, you see, fascism becomes merely a norm, defending itself against outside pressure.  Already there are dozens of opportunist pages popped up selling t-shirts and what have you, none of them in any way any more legitimate claimant to leadership or participation in any “anti-fascist” movement than you or I are.

“Anti-fascism” is a made-up notion that is designed to validate and promote fascism as an acceptable norm, and to arm those prepared to defend that norm with the words and framework necessary to do so.

The reality is that to whatever extent there is an “AntiFa” or “antifa leadership” or an “antifa spokesperson,” you’re looking at him right now. I notice not one of the media organizations breathlessly running “antifa” stories have reached out to me for comment. “Antifa” is a concept, not an organization, and it’s being used to turn you into a brownshirt without even realizing it.

Can you think of other “movements” like this that you believe were partly or wholly manufactured?  Tell us about it in the comments and we can talk about it there!