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img_1748_fundraising_inlineOne of my core beliefs is in using every tool I can to get the most I can from it.  While I believe it’s entirely possible to run a successful political campaign at a national level without spending the billions of dollars our most recent campaigns have seen, it still costs money to do things.  Consequently although I’d rather not have to, we will definitely be actively engaging in all the fundraising we can to put me in office and make our voices heard whether in Utah, Michigan, North Carolina, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, and everywhere else in our beloved country.

With my background in media production, communication, and political science, I am in a position to actually create much of what a campaign spends its money on, without spending nearly as much.  Having tools of our own is far more efficient than hiring people to use their tools at a markup, and we’re going to stick to doing everything we can in-house to every extent possible.

Currently nobody in the campaign is being paid, and we have nothing but this website in terms of literature and resources.  I own a video camera, but the video card on my computer is dead and it’s a pretty cheap camera as well, so there are two small investments that can begin to compensate for the large investment of professionally produces video.  Various other tools and resources can vary in cost from a few dollars to tens of thousands, but it’s still entirely possible to come out way ahead on the balance sheet if you purchase tools and use them rather than renting people and their tools.

So:  We’re raising money, as of right now.  At the time of this page’s construction, there is no formal organization for fundraising for the campaign – there’s not even a formal campaign.  All contributions should be considered, from a legal standpoint, as personal gifts to John Henry DeJong.  The funds from these gifts will be accounted and kept track of separately from my personal business transactions, but I’m not any kind of organization or – most importantly – tax-deductible entity yet.  I am also not currently restricted by law from receiving funds from outside my district or internationally.

Thanks a ton for your contribution.  This is going to be spent on absolutely everything necessary to get me where I need to go, including basic crap like getting my car fixed and legal so I can drive and shoot video and make limited personal appearances, or this new video card so I can edit video again (the fan on my card is dead and whenever I do anything that accesses the higher-end functionality on it, it crashes).  Advertising, domain registration, and anything else that comes up.  There is no upper limit to the need; my current financial status personally is not great although I am employed full time.  There are things that are necessary to a political campaign that I can’t afford out of my pocket, like reliable transportation or even – if a lot of money is raised, this certainly isn’t my first priority or a specific goal I’m going in to this with – getting my teeth fixed so I can smile on camera.  If it means the difference between becoming a US Congressman (or whatever I ultimately run for) and not, I think that’s legitimate to spend money on in this context.

But of course that’s way down the road.  Right now, it’s just time to start building a war chest and getting what I need to communicate effectively:  gear to create the message and a budget to advertise it.  A few people have already asked about where and how they could donate, so I’m putting this page up as a quick and easy reference for these pre-official weeks where I know I’m going to do this but the details aren’t yet decided, for people who would like to contribute without needing to know the specifics.

I figure eventually I’ll have subscription-type donations as well as one-time, so I’ve put up links for both.  Make sure you use the one you intend to!  You don’t need a PayPal account to donate; you can use any major credit or debit card.

To make a one-time contribution in any amount, please use this link:


To make a recurring monthly contribution, please use these links.  (Contributions will continue monthly until canceled by the contributor.  To learn more about how to cancel your subscription, please visit this page.)

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