JH Drum Covers: Pinball Wizard

Late last year, for the first time in way too long, I got a drum set of my own under my bottom.  It’s not great – a Simmons SD 2000 – but it was about the least expensive option I had to get into an electronic (necessary because I live in an apartment and it’s more versatile) drum kit.  It has its problems, but it’s not terrible, although on reflection I’d have spent twice the cash and picked up an Alesis Strike Pro, given that a Roland TD50-KV is about ten thousand dollars out of my range and that’s what I really need.

Still, it does things.  One of the first things I made it do was to record myself playing along with some “drumless” tracks I was able to snag from YouTube; when I’ve got the spare cash I’ll probably start paying one of the services that offers a library of these, but oh well.

So this was the first thing I recorded, in part because I’d made a smart-assed remark about “you can’t cover Keith Moon on an electronic kit,” so naturally that was about the first thing I did.  The sound quality stinks as it was a mono output, but it was literally my first shot at multi-tracking since forever ago, and I’ve got a lot to remember.  So it’s overdriven and muddy and mono…but it’s a bit of fun.  Here’s my Keith Moon impersonation, playing “Pinball Wizard.”  No, it doesn’t sound like forty years’ worth of drum playing, but it is.  Enjoy.