Mohamid Rashid Messenger Conversation, 11-Jan-2019

This information is supplementary to the article “Bernie Supporters Targeted By Scammers?” It’s pasted from a conversation between John Henry and “Mohamid Rashid,” regarding the Organizing for Bernie PAC, conducted via Facebook Messenger.

Clipped from: 

Rashid Mohamid

Rashid Mohamid 

No scam but I do question your Bernie loyalty because you would know it is not a scam and you are questioning our revolution message . 


I’m not questioning your message, I’m questioning your sincerity and motivation in delivering it. Why is the address given for OFB, Hey, I think I just stumbled on something kinda big. This organization…appears to be complete bullshit. And they’re getting press. They claim to be a federal PAC, but they’re not listed in any of the federal databases for PACs and NPOs. They claim a street address of 921 W. 38th Avenue Suite 328, Denver, CO, a fake? There’s nothing at that address, anywhere, and as far as I can tell there never has been. Why does OFB claim to be a “Federal PAC” but it’s not listed in any database of PACs including the Fed’s, and it’s not registered as a 501c4? 

You can question all you want. I think you’re running a scam operation to steal from Sanders supporters, and I’m going to say so in public. If I’m wrong, I’ll be more than happy to eat it. But I don’t think I am. 

Rashid Mohamid 

Lmao , eat it troll. 


Right. I think it’s gonna be you eating it, sonny. Election fraud is a federal felony. 

Unfortunately I’ve only got access to 400 thousand or so people to take a second look and make sure I’m not missing something. 

[Note: At this point in the conversation, I found the FEC filings with Rich Pelletier’s name on it.]


So are you Rich, or are you his lackey? 

Hey, now, no fair deleting the post. Not that I hadn’t already screenshotted it. 

Why’d you delete your post? And why is OFB calling itself a Federal PAC when its attempted registration was denied? 

Be a damned shame if someone suggested to Chris Morse that he might want to check out that address, wouldn’t it? 

I’d get a lawyer. And by lawyer I mean a criminal defense lawyer; the truth is always a defense against charged [sic – jh] of defamation. 

Outing A Bernie Scam – JohnHenry.US 

Rashid Mohamid 

Bernie has lawyers. 


I should hope so. The question is, why the FUCK is someone who was once his deputy campaign manager claiming to be a federal PAC when the FEC hasn’t authorized him to do so yet? 

And why is his FEC paperwork filed at a fake address? 

And what’s this going to do to the reputation of Prism Communications when the msm picks it up? 

Rashid Mohamid 

Note that this is NOT a screenshot of the site under discussion, which is – an entirely different organization.

I believe you might need to lawyer up. 


I’m not worries [sic – jh] about it. OR is not the organization in question. 

OFB is the organization in question. The one illegally calling itself a federal pac that put a fake address on their FEC filing. 

You’re not a federal PAC. You screwed up the paperwork and have until the 22nd to fix it. Which you’d know, if your mailing address was valid. 

Link to the filing is in the article. As is a link to the google street view of the viaduct that inhabits that street address. 

Rashid Mohamid 

Again, a screenshot of a completely different site, operated by a completely different organization.

Yep better lawyer up 


I notice you arent bothering to address those issues, hoping to instead threaten me into silence. You shoulda done your homework. Anyone can tell you intimidating me is a waste of time. You can stop posting links from a whole different site now. 

I dont know why you think screenshots of an entirely different site and organization are relevant to this conversation. 

Rashid Mohamid 

Are you insane?

[At this point, Rashid blocked me and further communication was no longer possible.]

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