Drum Diary 25 May 2019 (1 of 2)

Drum Diary 25 May 2019 (1 of 2)

I did two sessions on this day.  Was doing a lot of other stuff too, so my vitals are a bit wonky.  Oh well.  Breaking it into separate posts, the second list is a bit shorter.

Continuing to move out of my comfort zone a bit here, as you’ll see below, but some old favorites show up as well.  I had an audience for the last 5 songs, so fell back to stuff they were familiar with.  These tracks are, as previously mentioned, all “drumless” – most of them appear to have been extracted from one of the video games that does This Sort Of Thing.

Pre-Show Stats

  • Heart 91bpm
  • O2 96%


  1. Van Halen – You Really Got Me
    • Does this really need any explanation?
  2. Yes – Owner Of A Lonely Heart
    • This is a bit of a weird cover for a couple of reasons.  First, for drummers the big “Yes” guy is Bill Bruford, but it was Alan White playing on this song.  Second, there are a lot of electronic drums and some loops involved.  In an interesting sort of parenthetical, both White and Bruford were among the very earliest adopters of the classic Simmons electronic drums of which my SD2000 is one of the few legitimate descendants as it was created with Dave Simmons – who has not had a very happy relationship with Guitar Center, Inc. since they snapped up the Simmons trademark – on board and has all the old classic Simmons soundbanks included.  First time I’ve ever played this song, it was fun.
  3. Beastie Boys – Sabotage
    • This shows up quite a bit in my practices, it’s just a hugely fun, noisy, loud, bashing punk-funk-rap groove with the trashiest-sounding snare ever.
  4. Cars – Just What I Needed
    • Another song I’ve never played, but have heard so many times faking it is pretty easy.  I was never big into the “new wave” thing in the early 80’s, since I was doing more classic rock, early hair bands like Motley Crue, and early thrash like Metallica, and those weren’t really Cars audiences.  The bass-snare inversion in the third(?) verse is tricky, but I caught it.
  5. Def Leppard – Bringin’ On The Heartbreak
    • …and in a complete contradiction to the previous paragraph, even though DL was one of the earliest hair bands nobody ever covered them around here.  Consequently, I’ve never played this song before either.  Continuing the parenthetical from the previous entry, DL is of course the band of Rick Allen, who lost his left arm in an auto accident a couple of decades ago.  The man and company who helped him get back to playing with a custom setup of electronic triggers was…Dave Simmons and Simmons drums.  Again.  I wish someone would buy that company that actually cares about drums.
  6. Guns N’ Roses – Welcome To The Jungle
    • Again, no real explanation needed for this, and again I’ve never learned the song although I’ve played it a few times over the years.  This was my first “real” try at it, and I’m just happy I got the tom riff and those four fast cowbell shots in the breakdown.
  7. Judas Priest – Another Thing Comin’
    • I can play this in my sleep, and have played it live many times in conditions that may as well have been sleep.  One of the all-time hard rock cover band classics.
  8. Kiss – Rock And Roll All Night
    • Studio version, for those keeping track at home.
  9. Led Zeppelin – Kashmir
    • Easily one of the most fun songs to play for me.  Not because it’s particularly complex or anything, it’s just got this great energy that draws you in and makes you really want to hit hard and feel the groove, which is pretty much the best thing about playing at all.
  10. Metallica – One
    • Yeah, pulled this one out again.  I’ve been trying to avoid repetition on these playlists but again, I had an audience and thought I ought to do *something* that was fast and all that.  Also, I just love love love playing this, when the song’s over I want to crush mountains and pillage a village or something.  So much energy…as you’ll see reflected in my heart rate below.

Post-show Stats

  • Steps: 6944
  • Time: 55 minutes
  • Calories: 462
  • Heart: 149bpm (!)
  • O2: 96%

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