Diary of a Sane Man, Book 1 Chapter 1: The Machine Rages Against John Henry

Welcome Back!

Just a slice...

A screencap of just a tiny fraction of the pages rolled solely for the purpose of discrediting me.

Greetings everyone and welcome to an all-new JohnHenry.US.

You’ll notice there’s not much real content here right now.  I’ve recently begun a reboot of all my various bits of work in various places that have transpired since I first came screaming into the world in August of 1970, and so I’ve wiped the slate entirely clean, so to speak.  (Worth noting as a sidebar; when I originally began writing this on January 10th, 2020, this was true.  Now I’ve got some content back up, both new stuff and “classic” content I’ve resurrected from various archives).

There’s going to be a ton of content going up here in the near and distant future.  Part of that content is going to be ongoing irregular “diaries” about what I’m doing, sort of behind-the-scenes work-in-progress type of stuff that may or may not be of particular interest to a ton of people, but some.  This post takes the form (and what will be the ongoing title) of the first entry in that diary.

This first diary is going to be a bit different because it’s been a year or so since I really created any new content at all, and probably getting close to five years since I’ve really done anything of any consequence.  I have a fair number of fans on my FB page and other media who were not here a year ago or five years ago, and there are many others who really don’t know much about the last couple of years of my life and why I’m not producing content like I used to.  Thus, I find it necessary to talk about some things that I’d really rather avoid entirely because it’s all bullshit, but if I don’t address this stuff I’ll be accused by the very perpetrators of the crimes against me of trying to “hide” something as though it’s me who’s done something wrong.

  • I want to avoid tangents as I get this relaunch up to speed, but I also don’t want places where people are going “huh?” because they’re not aware of all this stuff.  If I’ve “been” anywhere I need to say why; if there’s a why it needs explanation; if there’s an explanation it needs backstory.  The only way to get all of this junk out, done, and over with is to write it all down one time and then be finished.  You want answers about all the stupid drama and insanity that has invaded my life – come close to costing me my life more than once, and has cost me nearly everything I own more than once, over the last twenty years –  this is where it’s gonna be, and then that’s the end of it, and I’m moving forward.

    The whole thing reads like a sick joke.  It’s hard to believe.  You want to go nah, must be something I’m missing.  There isn’t.  This is the world we live in and that’s life.

    It’s also banal, ugly, and stupid.  You don’t want to read it.  I don’t want to write it.  But here we are.

    All of which by way of saying this is a long one, and it’s not a nice one, and it’s probably not going to give you warm fuzzies or bring out the best facets of human nature, so if you don’t care about that stuff now’s the time to bail out.

    For everyone else…here we go.

    Got something to say?