Diary Of A Sane Man, Book 1: Prelude

Counting Down To A Relaunch

"Red Ice," from an original photo. 2020

“Red Ice,” from an original photo. 2020

This started off as a status message on my personal social media and I decided to just go ahead and make it a “preview” post on my blog as I now have enough of the structural work done here to start creating content.  This is not any kind of official re-launch, but rather a pause to collect thoughts out loud that also makes a nice opportunity for early semi-live testing of new functionality on my site.

I’ve got (as of the time I started writing this post late in the evening of January 9th) about 60% of the structure and layout stuff for the website done, unless someone comes back and says it sucks somehow that I’m not seeing. I’ve got all the information I need in terms of layout dimensions so I can create article graphics that fit fluidly with the site and hopefully look good sharing on social media as well (I guess we find out now!

I’ve also started creating the “foundation content.” This is stuff like privacy policies and what have you that are required to even get listed in major search engines now, as well as – finally! – trying to compile my whole world into a “single” biographical document.

Why is that a thing I need to do? Because I’m constantly being asked to explain who I am to think I’ve got anything to say about this or that or the other thing, and because on a less hostile and confrontational note I think I have an ethical obligation to be not just as transparent but as informative as I can about what my credentials, experience, etc. are so that a reasonable individual of thought can judge for themselves whether what, if anything, I have to say is valid, useful, worth supporting, etc.

  • When I was a little kid, there was a guy in my elementary school (who’s now running for sheriff ahem ahem but he was far from the only one) who used to do things like catch me on the bus and challenge me to read a page out of a book to myself while he timed me. This was even before I started getting pulled out of class and given the whole gifted child routine, like when I was 8, maybe 9. I’m really, really, really tired of having to re-establish my credentials in every conversation I have. I’m just going to try to get it all down in one place as best I can, tell the entire story in all aspects – not my biography per se, but my history in music and performing, in IT and tech, my experiences in addiction and mental health, my educational and professional experiences – and then I don’t have to stay mired in “proving myself” every time someone new shows up.

    Me, age ten (1980)

    There exists one good picture of me, and this is it.

    I’ve proven myself repeatedly; the fact I’m alive is all that and then some.  Time to get that all documented in one place and leave it there, and if someone new wants to know who I think I am they can go find out.

    Yes, this is parallel to getting my resume in order, and is really exactly that. I’m not going to stop looking for a “real job,” but in the “real world” – and I’m going to write and talk a lot about this stuff over the next year – who I’ve always worked for is everyone, and that’s who I need to write a resume for first. You folks are my bosses, the people who share my work and spread it around on social media.


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