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Hey there! Before we get started I want to say thanks for even taking the time to visit this page and considering a contribution. I’ve done my best to keep it simple while allowing a broad range of options and benefits.

While the payment processors do share some information with me, none of it includes your banking info. I should get your name and e-mail address and, if you choose an option that includes merchandise, your shipping address. Your basic information – e-mail address and name – will be used to create some account information here at JohnHenry.US that allows me to give you access to member benefits, like the “JH Backstage” forum. I may on rare occasion reach out with a mass e-mail, but I only say that as a disclaimer; to date I’ve never done it.

No information is stored on my server that would allow anyone else to access your financials if I got hacked.

Crypto-Currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.)

I can accept contributions paid via any crypto Coinbase handles, which covers all of the well-known currencies and dozens of lesser-known.  (You do not need a coinbase account; if you have a wallet with crypto in it, you can send me some if it’s a currency Coinbase handles.)  I’ve set up a quick list of four here; if you you don’t see the currency listed here, get in touch and let me know, and I’ll send you my wallet info.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Stellar
  • Dogecoin
Scan to Donate Bitcoin to 3NTZqkfUBnhrqD9DTrmKKDhw2BsJCivdYG

Send Bitcoin to JH at this address!

Scan the QR code or copy the address below into your wallet to send some Bitcoin

Scan to Donate Ethereum to 0x7527999394c73b3F51Bf5C9440fD4c0B387C905E

Send Ethereum to JH at this address!

Scan the QR code or copy the address below into your wallet to send some Ethereum

Scan to Donate Stellar to GDQP2KPQGKIHYJGXNUIYOMHARUARCA7DJT5FO2FFOOKY3B2WSQHG4W37:::ucl:::3356145514

Send Stellar to JH at this address!

Scan the QR code or copy the address below into your wallet to send some Stellar

Scan to Donate Dogecoin to DSUvdJUWuawEHtiL9v7jKxDwS3DwFdPqfv

Send Dogecoin to JH at this address!

Scan the QR code or copy the address below into your wallet to send some Dogecoin

The Basics

One Time Contribution


    No Frills, Your Price

    Choose price

    No Frills, Your Price

    Use this “item” to make a straight-up gift or contribution without worrying about memberships, benefits, t-shirts, and the like.  Just enter the amount (there’s a $5 minimum because less than that and it stops being worth the cost of processing) and either add it to the cart or use the PayPal button to check out!  This is for a one-time contribution.

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Fast and easy – use the link to the left to make an immediate, one-time contribution in the amount you select, via PayPal or major credit/debit card.  Benefits like production credits are not automatic with this method.  You will be prompted to create a site account, which should also give you access to “members-only” areas of the website like the podcast archive and “Backstage” forum.

PayPal Direct – One Time or Recurring Monthly

To make a direct contribution via PayPal (you can also use your major credit/debit card) without joining anything, use this “Donate” button.  You may also choose to set up a monthly contribution with this tool by checking a box on the form, however the default is a single, one-time payment.  You will not be asked to create an account at JohnHenry.US; if you would like one, please let me know via e-mail or in a note with your contribution, and I’ll create one for you with that e-mail address.


All contributors to the site (except those using the “No Frills” link above) have access to some basic benefits: you can access the Podcast Archive, containing audio files of my livestreams that are no longer available in syndication (podcasts from independent providers typically only have the latest 10 episodes available for casting). You have access to the “Backstage” forum area here at JohnHenry.US. All advertising is turned off on the site. Finally, you will have access to irregularly-produced members-only “Diaries” that may be of interest to contributors but will have little appeal or value to the world at large. Additionally you can choose for a minimum of a $50 contribution to be credited as a production assistant; for a minimum of $500 as a producer; and for a minimum of $5000 as a presenter.