The John Henry Show – S1E007 – Free-For-All Friday #1

The Friday evening show is going to be the weekly open-topic “free for all.”  This week it was so free I didn’t bother doing it until Saturday!  That won’t be the case every time 🙂 We’re discussing a range of things today including propaganda, socialism, an interesting look inside the administration of a large Facebook page and how you can see them choking traffic over time if you refuse to buy advertising (it’s not about the political cant, it’s about the MONEY), integrity in matters of both public and private life, and JH’s sense of where we’re at as an evolving species and where he thinks we may be headed if all goes well.

As always if you’d rather watch than listen you can check out the stream archive on YouTube at

A note about this particular show – there’s about twenty minutes cut out in which I’m discussing various aspects of the video production side of things, and an experiment intended to demonstrate some issues failed 🙁  Since there’s no point in an audio track of visual effects, I trimmed it out.


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