Work Diary #2

Hello, supporters, Patrons, and everyone else!  This is the second of my work diaries which are available only to subscribers for the first two weeks after they’re published.  Let’s get down to business…

Stuff I’ve been up to:  The nightly livestream seems to be doing okay, slowly building an audience and doing what I can to keep things moving.  I’ve got the first set of shout-outs on the outro clip that appears at the end of each show as well, you’ll see that starting tonight.

The Patreon campaign is now LIVE at Please share the link with your friends, or anywhere you find friendly to voices that unapologetically speak truth to power.

As you’ve likely noticed if you follow me on social media or are keeping up with the livestreams, the last couple of days have been pretty hectic, and pretty disappointing for me.  I’m doing the best I can to get good information out about the coronavirus, and Facebook keeps blocking it.  I’m doing the best I can to encourage genuine progress, peace, prosperity, and justice, and the sad reality is that very few people are listening.

Those of you who are, however, I can’t possibly thank enough.  It’s never been a popular business to tell people the truth, especially when part of that truth includes that they’ve been fooled by some media narrative or taken advantage of by dishonorable actors.  This is why cats like Bill Hicks had such a struggle growing an audience; it takes a very special touch to tell people to their faces that they’ve been foolish and have them applaud you. George Carlin was a master at this.  Hicks, while an amazing philosopher, wasn’t so great at selling the big “wake up call.”

I frankly doubt I will be either, but between my work creating content and your work supporting it, maybe we can get a few people to listen and by the time I’ve been dead for twenty-five years people will get together to listen and I can be one of those “it’s a shame he’s gone, the world needs people like him now” people.

Ah well.  Depression and frustration with human beings is hitting me pretty hard right now, and I don’t want to just bring y’all down.  So moving on…hoping a couple of new Patrons will mean I get to move back into my own hosting space soon, as it’s becoming rather worrisome for me to keep packing these podcasts into such a small space.  I’ll probably have to start archiving them soon and only keep maybe two weeks’ worth at a time available.  Still working on getting my guitar back, too.

All things in time.

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