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Stories of John Henry

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JH Covers: Bird On A Wire

Many excellent versions of this song have been done over the years since Leonard Cohen first wrote it.  This isn’t really one of them, but it’s not half bad.  Getting down to the last of my “old work,” here’s me doing a one-take cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Bird On A…

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JH Drum Covers: Superstition by Stevie Wonder

This is another of the very early experiments I did using the functionality of the SD2000.  What you are hearing is the original released recording of “Superstition” from which the drums have been removed, played back through the control unit of the SD2000, with me playing the drums on top…

JH Covers: Dylan’s Masters of War

Single-mic, one-take “live” cover of Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War,” done with questionable skill in the style of Pearl Jam’s well-known cover of same.  I originally recorded and posted this for the inauguration of Donald Trump. Regrettably, a year and some months on, it doesn’t appear that Mr. Trump will…