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The John Henry Show Podcast S1E002 – Fairness Doctrine (Archive)

Discussing fairness doctrine, doublethink, 1984, the futility of trying to revoke Fox News' FCC charter, and other egregious misconceptions.

Diary of a Sane Man, Book 1 Chapter 1: The Machine Rages Against John Henry

I'm so sick of talking and writing about this. This is the story, further questions about this whole stupid mess will be referred to this article.

The John Henry Show S1E001 – Modern Monetary Theory (Archive)

First in the new podcast series from John Henry. Today's topic: modern monetary theory and why you need to forget everything you think you know about money.

The John Henry Show – S1E012 – Dem Endorsement, Coronavirus, And When It’s Time To Stop Talking

JH's Dem Primary Endorsement, news on COVID-19, and some harsh words for BS artists spreading rumors and fake news. Video archive at https://youtu.be/taFGe_7L7-Y

The John Henry Show S1E003 – Social Media Fakes (Archive)

Talking about social media fakes of the "russian troll" variety, how they try to manipulate and misinform, and some ways you can push back and expose them.

The John Henry Show – S1E003 – Agitpropapalooza

In which JH goes ballistic on the continued willful ignorance of the general public.

The John Henry Show S1E011 – Friday Free-For-All #2

Gaslighting, narcissism, and other forms of manipulation and unethical application of compliance-gaining tactics. Video archive at https://youtu.be/eV38_GGsNzU

The John Henry Show S1E018 – Forging Our Own

The shackles are so pretty when we make them ourselves.  Break free.  Podcast here.  Video archive at https://youtu.be/mrv4iBFuyhk

An American Legend

When John Henry was a little baby
Sittin' on his poppa's knee,
He took a hammer, a little piece of steel,
Said, "This hammer's gonna be the death of me, Lord, Lord,
This hammer's gonna be the death of me."

Work Diary, Feb 23 2020

Work Diary, Feb 23 2020
First subscriber-only work diary. This post will be available to the general public on March 9.

The John Henry Show – S1E007 – Free-For-All Friday #1

The John Henry Show – S1E007 – Free-For-All Friday #1
This week's open-topic show includes thoughts on socialism, propaganda, why it's so important for you to like and share content you enjoy, and more.

The John Henry Show S1E016 – Free For All Friday #3

The John Henry Show S1E016 – Free For All Friday #3
Mental health, trolls, bad actors, misinformation, and frustration at our suicidal rush to mediocrity. Video archive at https://youtu.be/j2jstHwXnn0

Work Diary #2

Work Diary #2
My second work diary, visible only to supporters and Patrons for the first two weeks after publication. The first will be available publicly on March 8

Diary Of A Sane Man, Book 1: Prelude

Diary Of A Sane Man, Book 1: Prelude
What began as a Facebook status becomes a prologue to relaunching my site. Read on for current WIP status.

The John Henry Show S1E009 – Debates, Delusions, and Deadly Violence

The John Henry Show S1E009 – Debates, Delusions, and Deadly Violence
Last night's Dem debate, conspiracies, how our egos are destroying us, and much more on today's podcast.

Music, Media, Social and Political Issues, and more...

Now celebrating over twenty years present and active on the web, John Henry brings you everything in his world including:

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  • I've led a pretty unlikely life, and this is where I share the things I've done and learned over the years with you. I'm currently in the process of completely rebuilding this website, so please forgive if things are flaky throughout the month of January 2020.

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