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I do quite a bit of Things, and Things take time, money, and equipment to do.  I’m very good at the things I do, but I’m not all that great at doing the things normal people do, like traditional employment.  Not to say I refuse to work, haven’t worked plenty and then some, that I’m not looking for work. or even that I’m not employed full time when you read this.  Indeed, there’s a big chunk of upcoming content planned – probably over the next couple of years, telling stories of some of the jobs I’ve had and things I’ve done and seen that are maybe a little out of the ordinary or interesting somehow.

But the less I have to work out there, the more I can work here, and honestly my work here – the music I create, the things I write or my spoken word essays and videos and all the stuff that, as of this writing, is still upcoming – is what you’re here for.  At least I hope you didn’t show up to see me stack boxes and plunge toilets 😆

And that’s about it, frankly.  If you’re the sort of person who – no judgement! – goes TL;DR about three paragraphs in, that’s what the answer’s going to come down to.  I’m a bit weird and a bit too much for normal folks it seems like, but everyone says I write well and I don’t do too badly playin’ guitar and singing, and I can beat the hell out of a drum kit.  I’ve had a really unlikely life – it’s like I’ve done all the rock star stuff, except I never got famous 😆 – and I look forward to sharing tales of that and a lot more.

I’m also a half-assed computer geek going back to the late 70’s and have some fun with that, and I do some gaming, and I’m generally just creative and like to explore new things and share them with people who are interested in those things.

On a more serious note I’ve been a political activist and…let’s say environmentally engaged for nearly all my life, going back to spontaneous volunteer work when I was a kid helping do things with nature and preservation, but that’s really a smaller facet of my overall interest in social justice, particularly with regards to how media and political literacy – or lack thereof – can help or hinder the ultimate goal of living in a world where everybody’s got the best chance the world can give ’em.

  • That’s the short version.  As I write this page in late January 2020 (and I’m sure I’ll update it at some point), I’m just getting this site rolling again after a couple of years of downtime, which I’ll discuss at length in future work along with a million other things.  The long version is basically my next mini-project on this site, and will comprise more or less an entire biography from every direction – music, acting, various jobs and interests I have been involved in, education, vision, goals of all sizes and ranges.  I’m also trying to get new content created and resurrect old content while I’m working on that stuff, so bear with me.  When it’s up, you’ll see it in the “About” submenu at the top of the page.

    Thanks for reading, and I look forward to your support!  I really, really hate to blow this trumpet all the time, but please don’t forget the one thing you can do that only takes a second and doesn’t cost a dime: like and share as much of my content as you like, wherever you care to put it..  I’m literally just one guy, not some big organization or board of directors or a random fake ID working in the boiler room of some political campaign (or government!)  It’s all about word of mouth and organic appeal right now – maybe I’ll get to the point of being able to afford advertising, but it’s not now.

    PS: All subscribers get ads shut off for the duration of their subscription.

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